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A Look at Hollywood Curves

Former Playboy Playmate Turned Exec Tailor James Discusses the Birth of Hollywood Curves

Hollywood Curves' Tailor James

Above: Hollywood Curves’ Tailor James.

Hollywood Curves Executive Vice President Tailor James is all too familiar with issues of fashion faux pas. As a former Playboy Playmate and International Model, James benefited from identifying solutions commonly used by stylists and designers to fix common wardrobe malfunctions. With her expertise and sensual fashion sense, James teamed with a respected product development team and manufacturer to produce Hollywood Curves, which currently consists of 26 items.

Tailor James details her journey to company vice president and the wide range of roles she plays in building Hollywood Curves.

How did your experience as a Playboy Playmate and lingerie model play a role in designing Hollywood Curves?

Modelling for many years, I have had the benefit of working closely with top industry professionals, and have been privy to some of their creative approaches that contribute in creating that “perfect look”.

Through countless photo shoots, I realized these choices are just as valuable in a woman’s everyday life as they are to creating that glamorous red carpet look. All women can relate to having that perfect outfit that they wanted to wear, but something just didn’t quite fall into place when they put it on. It’s imperative that every woman have that opportunity to look and feel comfortable and confident no matter what they’re wearing. Having had worn so many different styles and varieties of lingerie over the course of my career, more so than most women do in a lifetime, I have become quite knowledgeable and conscious with my experience of what makes lingerie and figure-enhancing products work and what doesn’t.

As an alternative to costly and invasive surgery, Hollywood Curves enables women to look their best throughout all phases of their lives. Let’s face it, our bodies may change but our sex appeal shouldn’t have to.

Hollywood Curves

What role did you play in the creation of Hollywood Curves?

I began researching where to find these figure enhancing products, but was usually led on a wild goose chase. I wasn’t satisfied with what was available on the market, if available at all. The market for these products is most definitely underserved.

When looking for shape wear, a popular Hollywood must-have, I found it disappointing how they looked as a stand-alone item. Why does shape wear need to resemble something our of your grandma’s panty drawer? Not something you would want to reveal at the end of a hot date! There are a lot of products out there that are not practical and I needed to create a practical, useful product that actually works.

Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I teamed up with business associates that I have made over the course of my career, and created Hollywood Curves. Hollywood Curves is a brand that provides functional, quality figure-enhancing solutions and products that eliminate those annoying, far too common wardrobe malfunctions.

How involved are you in the brand’s day to day operations and/or marketing?

When we put the idea together, we created the Hollywood Curves assortment and perfected the products with our key factories. Currently we are working on adding sexy lingerie with all the benefits of shape wear, to the assortment.

From day one, I have been completely hands on from development, market research, fit, copy writing, packaging, design, photos-shoot styling, ad concepts, sample shopping to travelling worldwide for trade shows and presentations for all of our international distributors.

Being a model, I understand the marketing aspect and have been able to promote all of which I have learned in the past.

Hollywood Curves

What inspired you to take an executive role in the company?

I had a great idea, I found an exceptional company with over 25 years of experience in lingerie manufacturing, and together both having a vested interest we are able to create a strong viable company in this under saturated marketplace.

I want Hollywood Curves to inspire women to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin without going under the knife. Beauty comes in all ages, shapes and sizes.

What are your expectations for the success of this brand?

Hollywood Curves offers a quality product that every woman can use to make them look and feel better at a reasonable price along with offering the newest greatest styles. We know that if we ship a quality product and customers are looking for it, it will sell.

Hollywood Curves’ initial line of lingerie accessories and figure enhancing solutions consists of key items which have been a proven success with many retailers around the globe resulting in incremental sales and amazing sell throughs.

What is unique about the Hollywood Curves collection? What does it offer that other shapewear lines don’t?

Hollywood Curves is not looking just to throw products together and hope people buy them. Hollywood Curves offers practical items at the best quality. Hollywood Curves is comfortable, functional, practical and sexy all in one. Not to mention, we have eye-catching and premium packaging.

I know what women want to look like like and Hollywood Curves is giving them the opportunity to do just that. Whether you want to slim down or enhance your beautiful figure, from the bedroom to the boardroom, Hollywood Curves has got you covered.

Hollywood Curves

Which Hollywood Curves items are most popular?

Hollywood Curves has created such a fantastic assortment of Booty and Boobie Boosters, My Magic Bra’s and the Magic Boob Job. All are affordable ways to get the enhancement and look you want without invasive surgery.

When people look at her, they’ll say, “she’s got Hollywood Curves”.

What future plans are there for Hollywood Curves?

Hollywood Curves’ next collection is currently in development; multi-function bras and lingerie but with the benefits of shape wear. We are creating a beautiful line that doesn’t just make you link good with your clothes on, but also as an intimate item all on its own.

Hollywood Curves is a brand dedicated to providing women with affordable figure enhancing solutions and quick fashion fixes, so they can look great and feel confident in their favourite fashions. We are masters in terms of design, looks and packaging appeal.

Hollywood Curves is able to offer displays to the retailer that houses all of our cohesive products, shop in shops for retailers that can dedicate real estate to this growing category. Our marketing campaign will be explosive and when customers hear of Hollywood Curves they will know where to find it..


Contact: Tailor James
Country of Origin: USA
Distribution: International

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