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Designer Spotlight: Tara Christine

A look at Entyece

Designer Spotlight: Tara Christine of Entyece

Tara, with ILS coming up, we wanted to give our readers some insights into what you’ll be showcasing at the show. Recently, you launched Entyece — could you tell us what Entyece is all about?

Entyece creates sophisticated flirty accents designed to worship, flatter and enhance feminine charm. As its name implies, Entyece encapsulates the desire to stimulate a look that makes a women confident, feminine and comfortable with her sexual prowess.

Entyece Legtyes

Above: Entyece Legtyes.

How different is this collection from What are the key differences?

The key difference is in the product categories. Entyece has different product categories like slave bracelets, nipple rings, body chains, cuffs, leg garters and chokers. has more traditional designs such as belts, purse charms, hair accessories and coming soon home decor! Entyece is designed for a more mature female audience that want to express the seductive powers of the goddess she is.

Entyece has four distinct collections: Jewlery, Accessories, Intimates and Play. Could you explain how all of these collections come together to create an experience for your consumers?

The Entyece experience is the process to attract desire by using different jewelry and accessory accents to spark imagination, attention and engagement. The jewelry and accessory collections are designed for that moment of initial attraction. As the attraction advances, we have an intimate section where a deeper exploration of entyecement takes place. The play category is the extras that bring the act of entyecing full circle with flirty marabou ticklers and an aphrodisiac fragrance.

Entyece sex kitten choker

Above: Entyece sex kitten choker.

“Entyce will be acutely focused on designing jewelry and accessories that encourage women to explore their femininity,” – Tara Christine.

At ILS, you’ll have a special guest promoting the launch and collection, what’s in store, what are the details?

Yes, 2012 Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Rose will be at the tyesbytara Entyece booth on Monday, September 23rd from 2-4pm. She will be taking pictures, signing autographs and attendees will receive a free sample of the Entyece fragrance while supplies last.

The Entyece website launched recently as well. Could you tell us what’s new on the website? is a B2B website that allows visitors to view our collections and points them to our authorized retailer network. There is also a new Press section with our latest activity and events as well as information about our dropship program.

Entyece Shiny Disco Balls

Above: Entyece Shiny Disco Balls.

What else can buyers expect to see at ILS?

Our new point of sale displays, a sexy presentation and a fun time! We are excited to have Jenna Rose and everyone needs to try the Entyece fragrance! Come by and check it out!

For our readers who want to learn more about Entyece, where should we point them to?

Visit, email us at or call us at 1.877.595.TYES.

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