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DisplayStar Spotlight

Booth Display Tips

DisplayStar Timberline Display

Above: DisplayStar’s Timberline Wave Tops are an ideal display for shows such as CURVE that showcases lingerie and swimwear. Modular designs, with dye-sublimation fabric graphics, make the Timberline easy to customize with light boxes, monitor mounts, shelves and clothing racks.

“We understand the pressure our clients face trying to make the right first impression. There really are no second chances.” – Heather Crawford, DisplayStar.

This summer marked an extraordinarily busy time for brands as trade shows ran within weeks of each other. Buyers and brands mingled in spacious convention centers eager to do business. Some brands did well while others felt the pinch of an empty booth.

Was it the product? Placement within the trade show? The truth is, there are a myriad of reasons for why a buyer doesn’t see a brand. So, we wanted to focus on one key area brands have some control over — the booth itself.

DisplayStar Sassy World Brands

Above: DisplayStar’s 20 foot Timberline is the best choice for Sassy World Brands. The Timberline’s versatility makes it perfect for targeting specific trade show goals such as introducing, demonstrating or showcasing different products or services.

An attractive and engaging booth display can make the difference for a brand’s trade show experience. One of the leading companies helping brands show off at a trade show or event is DisplayStar. This Oregon-based company offers a full line of trade show displays, pop up booths, banner stands, banner brackets, street pole banners and more.

This month, key members of the company share their tips on how a brand can leverage DisplayStar’s products and to stand out at a convention center and capture more attention.

DisplayStar Igniter Light Box

Above: DisplayStar’s Igniter Light Boxes are a perfect choice for extraordinary, long-distance visibility. Dye-sublimation printed fabric graphics combined with LED back lighting create deep density colors and blacks that brighten for stunning memorable impact.

DisplayStar notes that equally as important as catching the show-goer’s attention, is engaging and inviting her to spend time in your booth. With a wide selection of display products to choose from, DisplayStar’s knowledgeable and experienced customer service can help identify how to best showcase the client’s products and meet trade show objectives.

As Heather Crawford, DisplayStar’s Lead Graphic Artist & Project Manager, explains, “Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible design solutions and products suited to their needs. We understand the pressure our clients face trying to make the right first impression. There really are no second chances.”

Vibratex Booth

Above: For an intimate apparel and pleasure product show, such as ILS, DisplayStar stresses the importance of creating a display that gives buyers the opportunity to feel the unique quality of the product’s fabric. Photo by Charles Roussel.

“We offer a variety of quality, state-of-the-art displays. They are made with the latest technology and materials resulting in superior durability, affordability and portability. In addition to having an in depth knowledge of our products, the first step is to really listen and understand the client’s needs.”

Jennifer De La Rosa, a DisplayStar Customer Service Manager, adds: “Many clients have limited trade show experience and welcome the opportunity to learn. And, most often, clients are not just buying a display; we are building it to fit their needs. There are a lot of interchangeable components—panels, canopies, banner stands, etc.—adding up to an infinite variety of options.”

Over the years, De La Rosa, has identified some key questions to guide her clients:

DisplayStar Tips

“Once the client has decided on a display,” Crawford continues, “we direct them to the proper template, resolution, and coloring, etc. We strive to get proofs back to customers as quickly as possible. If there are problems with a file, I will do my best to make any adjustments. Once I get the proof back, I keep the client updated with on-going progress reports and help them find the most economical and fastest means to get it shipped.”

DisplayStar Pop-Up

Above: DisplayStar Fabric Pop-Ups feature easy and quick assembly which makes it a favorite among busy, instructionally-challenged trade show goers. Simply hook the polyester fabric to the tension frame, expand the frame and you have a smooth, taut display in your custom, dye-sub image.

“Nowadays, it is a rarity to have design and production under one roof,” explains Kyle Cole, Vice President of Operations. DisplayStar is unique because we have the capacity to get big jobs done in a timely manner, yet we are small enough to get to know our customers and their needs on an individual basis. Our mission is to do what is best for our customers. We have the expertise to spot potential problems and we work with the customer to find solutions. By bringing everything in-house, we have better quality control.”

Custom Displays

DisplayStar WaveTube

Above: Wave Tubes are built with strong, lightweight aluminum tube frames making them exceptionally portable. Perfect for trade show road warriors. Your custom, dye-sub, pillowcase graphic simply slips over the frame and zips at the bottom.

“Our involvement with a client’s booth design can greatly vary,” Terry Niedermeyer, President of DisplayStar, explains, “some clients know exactly what display and accessories they need. We just direct them to the correct templates and provide instructions on uploading their art.”

“For others,” Neidermeyer continues, “we have built custom booths from scratch complete with graphics and 3D renderings done by our graphic artists.”

“We have also developed a design questionnaire that works well to start a dialogue regarding booth design, exhibit objectives and size of budget.”

Advice for New Exhibitors

“We are in a unique position to offer advice to new exhibitors,” Niedermeyer comments. “We can offer feedback from the point of view of someone who is not familiar with their company or product.”

“When you are working closely with the launch of a new product or service, it is easy to forget that everyone might not understand as clearly what the product is and what differentiates it from the competition.”

“The new exhibitor might overlook explaining what they think is obvious. Quite simply, the branding and graphics must explain the product.”

“Another common oversight is that the branding should carry over from the company’s website. Oftentimes, the customers have been to the website. An extension of the website’s branding, will make the booth more easily recognized.”

“Display Accessories Allow for Hands-On Experience.”

Specifically, at a show such as CURVENY that showcases lingerie and swimwear, potential buyers will want to experience the feel of the fabric so it is important to have product available to touch.

Many accessories can be easily added to an existing display to showcase products: Slat walls for holding clothing racks and shelves for products which require a flat surface. Counters work for product demonstrations (i.e., fabric elasticity). And, some display cases double as countertops. Draped and fitted table throws are also great for product display, demonstration, or décor for an event.

As we roll into the holiday season, now is the time for brands to think about how to leverage DisplayStar for trade shows only three months away in Paris, New York and Las Vegas.

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