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Eurotique Corsets

Eurotique Alekz Benavides

Above: Eurotique corset photographed by Alekz Benavides.

“Proving that whatever your size, style, sex, or budget, Eurotique has a corset that’s right for you.”

Elisabeth DaleStory by Elisabeth Dale.
Elisabeth Dale is an internationally renowned breast expert and author, and the founder of She has appeared on Good Morning America, The Tyra Banks Show, BBC World News, NPR, and has been featured in The New York Times, Cosmo, Glamour, Men’s Health, and the Sunday London Times.

It’s hard not to be swept up into Eurotique’s passion for creating beautiful corset wear. Corsets combine the two best features found in today’s foundations: figure control combined with the fashionable lingerie worn as stylish outerwear trend.

Chrissey Grieco, President of the North Palm Beach, Florida, company, got into the corset business because of her personal love for the old-fashioned garment. (You’ll even find her modeling a few Eurotique designs among the hundreds available on their website.)

Eurotique 11

Above: Chrissy Grieco with Elisabeth Dale at the last edition of the International Lingerie Show.

“But these aren’t your great-grandmother’s outdated forms of bust support. They combine the best of the old designs with modern, high-quality construction.”

Eurotique 9

Above: Close up on a Eurotique corset.

Corsets highlight a woman’s more feminine curves by encasing the bodice, and cinching the waist from 2” to 4” inches, depending on the style. But that’s all you get from corset wear. Eurotique lets you choose from the everyday simplicity of an ordinary black satin waist cincher, to delicate bridal brocades and lace, or the spectacular sensuality of fine leather and hand-beaded designs.

Eurotique Eurotique FB 2

“Best of all, Eurotique sizes are available in XS to 5X, and up to 10X by special order.”

They offer a wide selection of corsets, making it easy to get a custom made fit. You can choose from varying bodice lengths found in full bust, over bust, under bust, and waist cincher styles. Fabric and trims come in all combinations, including ever-popular lace, satin, sequins, and real and faux leathers. Each corset is made with high quality steel boning, busks, zippers, and real corset lacing. Best of all, Eurotique sizes are available in XS to 5X, and up to 10X by special order.

Eurotique FB 5

You won’t want to keep Eurotique fashions hidden, either. They include easy-to-wear dresses, corsets with attached bustles, and even matching skirts. Higher-end designs feature beautiful hand beading and ornate stitching. These corsets are closer to works of art than similarly priced items of intimate apparel.

Eurotique Corset Close up

Once only focused on more upscale luxury designs, Eurotique now carries three distinct lines at varying price points. You can choose from Romance (zippered and sized up to XL), After Dark (up to 2X), and Eurotique (custom orders up to 10X).

Proving that whatever your size, style, sex, or budget, Eurotique has a corset that’s right for you.

Wholesale Questions?

For more information about Eurotique, or to become a wholesale customer please contact us. Ask for Chrissy Grieco or Peter Grieco at:

p: 561-684-2302 
e: for more information

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