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Hitachi Wand Review

Hitachi Wand Review

“The Wanachi is a win of a product…I could not have been happier with the product and definitely feel it was worth every cent to own one.”

Amber Floyd by Amber Floyd
Hi, I’m Amber. I work at a St. Louis based adult novelty, DVD, magazine, lingerie boutique. I would love to open my own shop one day with quality product and high end clientele. I love whiskey, sharks, Futurama, thrifting, H.P Lovecraft, Harry Potter, and nature. I don’t like coffee or peanut butter, but will enjoy the shit out of sweet slice of New York pizza.

I have always heard stellar reviews about the Hitachi wand. Everyone from porn starlets to my friends raved about the powerful vibration of the all over body massager. At first the long handle, wide bulb top, and slightly tacky white and blue design seemed awkward and wasn’t very visually pleasing. I also disliked the fact that it always has to be plugged in.  I thought the cord would restrict and interfere during use. So, after doing a little bit of research, I found the Wanachi wand, the Hitachi’s brother. The Wanachi wand has the ability to be plugged into the wall, charged, and then maintain charge in mobile state or used plugged into the wall. I like this feature, a lot, especially since i was skeptical of the Hitachi’s power source. When I first saw the Wanachi wand in a local store, I jumped at the chance to purchase it and, fortunately, grabbed it just in time. While waiting in checkout, a woman approached me to express her jealousy of my new toy. After this I was very confident and knew I was in for a treat.

“The soft rubberized bulb head reminded me of receiving oral sex.”

When I first unwrapped the wand from its long rectangular box, I was immediately impressed with its powerful vibrations, although, slightly disappointed that it only allowed for a high and low speed. I like a little variety. The first time I used my Wanachi, I was surprised at the aggressiveness of the high power. It was so strong that it almost hurt and was not very pleasurable. I switched to low power. Not enough. This is where I found the wand offering two speeds to be a problem. I allowed my wand to charge and tried it for a second time. This time, with the battery slightly drained, I very much enjoyed the high power and was off to pleasure town in no time. The soft rubberized bulb head reminded me of receiving oral sex. After the first use of my wand, I was addicted. Another feature I really like about the wand is its flexible head. This allows me to apply the right pressure at the right angle for customized and ultimate pleasure. Any girl can appreciate this feature.

Hitachi Wand 2

“Not having my Wanachi is not an option though. I will not stop until it is found.”

Without my wand for self help purposes, I honestly don’t know how else to make myself orgasm. The few times I have misplaced it, either under a pile of clothes or fallen behind my bed, I have went into a frantic wand hunt with an ultimate feeling of doom creeping over when not finding it. Not having my Wanachi is not an option though. I will not stop until it is found.

You can also purchase different attachments for the head of the wand which allow for various different textures and stimulations. Although, I do not personally own an attachment, I have considered buying one several times. Attachment or not, the wand will still gets the job done. I also like using my wand during intercourse for a little extra clitoral stimulation. I was a little concerned about the bulk of the product at first, the long handle and wide bulb measures to about a foot in length, but it proved to be easily maneuvered and quite enjoyable for both parties (my boyfriend said that he could also feel the vibrations and he liked the added sensation.)

The Wanachi is a win of a product. It’s powerful, pleasurable, and quality. I have owned mine for a year and half and it is still vibrating strong. I could not have been happier with the product and definitely feel it was worth every cent to own one. I’m dreading the day my wand dies on me. I will seriously have to hold a funeral for it, in order to have some closure and then I will immediately purchase another one. I have become so dependent on it for solo pleasure. One of my best purchases to date.

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