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HommeMystere Collection

Premium Lingerie for Men

Homme Mystere

HommeMystere collection is lingerie tailored for men that looks like women’s lingerie, feels like women’s lingerie, but fits the male body perfectly. There are no jocks, socks or boxers to be seen here, only fine silks, delicate fabrics, panties, and brassieres designed for men.

The name itself is French, meaning ‘Man Mystery’ and this Australian company is creating a little mystery for men who want to flaunt it as much as those who prefer to keep their personal pleasures under wraps.

Homme Mystere

HommeMystere was created by Australian couple Brent and Lara Krause who wanted to provide men with more options and a greater choice when buying underwear. They were keen to move away from 
the standard uniform style of cotton ‘Jocks’ while providing exclusive quality products without big-brand price tags.

Established in 2008, the company has grown from a small hobby-sized operation to a global online store incorporating design in Australia, manufacturing in China and shipping worldwide with distributers in the US and UK, all in five short years.

Homme Mystere Collection

Brent noted Male lingerie sits in an undefined territory deemed ‘not exciting enough’ for Adult stores and ‘too confronting’ for mainstream retail stores. Passion for the product and belief in the need and the market, Brent went ahead with producing the male specific brand selling online via a classy, respectful website.

“HommeMystere is the pinnacle of this niche market servicing a large customer base in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Western Europe,” said the company. “The brand represents exclusivity, quality and style. The modern metrosexual drives the Male luxury market demanding more male specific products in beauty, fashion and now, underwear.”

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Christy Allen

Brent Krause
+61 487.186.079

2 Responses to “HommeMystere Collection”
  1. Lisa R says:

    We are test marketing a small number of mens lingerie items to determine if our clientele is prepared to accept men in what has been traditionally reserved for women. We believe there is a market for this mens lingerie, it is entirely too early to determine how well the line will be accepted by our customers. We expect the demand to be slow at first with some time needed to get a firm grip on the line and its acceptance. Some items in the line such as the mens bras may take some time to get a footing. The line is respectfully presented and we anxiously await the response in the market place.

  2. Luis Paredes says:

    That’s great to hear, let us know how it goes with the collection and if there’s anything our team can do to help you. -Luis Paredes, publisher, the Business of Pleasure

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