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Lingerie Parade

Coquette holds its first lingerie parade to celebrate New Orleans photo shoot

Coquette Hustler Lingerie Parade

“[Lingerie Parade] was unlike anything I have ever seen, the crowd was utterly amazing and it was just for us!”

In the words of the iconic Barbra Streisand “Don’t bring around a cloud, to rain on my parade.”

That was definitely the Coquette creative team’s motto on Saturday May 28th, 2016.

After a week long photo shoot in the Big Easy, the team threw a Lingerie Parade to celebrate the incredible city of New Orleans — Coquette style. The parade featured the Coquette creative team with models and the Jaywalkers brass band led by a dancing Lady Grand Marshall.

Coquette Hustler Lingerie Parade

The Lingerie Parade proceeded down Decatur St. to Canal St., picking up participants along the way. Parade goers waved signs with #lovecoquette, Lingerie Parade, Coquette and Hustler Hollywood as they marched along the crowded streets. Police escorts cleared the way as we proceeded down Canal street and onto Bourbon street, ending at the Hustler Hollywood store where the parade crowd formed outside. Thousands of Coquette panty giveaways were tossed out to eager spectators from the balcony, causing a frenzy.

The crowd yelled and cheered and began to chant “Coquette” and “Hustler” for more.

Ken Cerson, graphic designer and photography assistant for the shoot was quite surprised with the turnout. “It was unlike anything I have ever seen, the crowd was utterly amazing and it was just for us!”

Coquette Hustler Lingerie Parade

Local residents said that they had never witnessed a second line parade for a company that was that successful. “It was like Mardi Gras, except they picked the streets clean – there isn’t a panty left in sight.” stated Senior Manager of the Hustler Hollywood store Eric Barclay.

New Orleans was a phenomenal place to shoot our upcoming catalog and Coquette was very proud to be able to participate in a small part of the local culture. “It’s a city of so much flavor and culture.” said Cindy Cipriano creative director and photographer “There is no other city like it, it is unique just like Coquette.”

The new Coquette 2017 catalog launches in September featuring fresh new designs set against the backdrop of remarkable New Orleans locations.

About Coquette

Founded in 1979 in Canada, Coquette is an international distributor of lingerie. The family owned company has delivered high quality collections that entail diversity of styles while captivating a realistic feminine appeal. The line consists of hundreds of styles and the company is the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of lingerie in Canada serving over 64 countries. Coquette is proud to offer delicate and uniquely designed lingerie in its collections, ranging in styles from romantic to risque.

To view our collections and for more information on Coquette and its products, please visit the Coquette website.

Big Easy Lingerie Parade Gallery

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