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blueMotion by OhMiBod & Babeland Event

OhMiBod's BlueMotion

What makes OhMiBod’s blueMotion special isn’t the technology beating behind it’s glowing blue light, it’s the fact that this pleasure product was inspired by a sincere desire bring people people together and enhance intimacy regardless of where they are.

OhMiBod's Suki and Brian Dunham

Above: OhMiBod’s Suki and Brian Dunham at Babeland.

The brand’s founders, Suki and Brian Dunham originally created the OhMiBod Remote App because they kept hearing stories about couples spending more and more time cuddling up with their smartphones and less time being intimate with each other. The husband and wife team decided it was time to create a technology that empowers people to share an enhanced level of intimacy, even over long distances.

“We all know that technology can drive people apart,” said Suki Dunham, Founder of OhMiBod. “We’ve created something that uses your digital devices to bring you closer together – no matter how far apart you are physically.”

How OhMiBod’s blueMotion Works

OhmiBod BlueMotion
blueMotion’s wifi-enabled app allows users to remotely control their partner’s vibrator with a simple stroke on the smartphone. Couples can now enjoy real-time control using blueMotion from any location.

Brian showing how BlueMotion works

The app is beautifully designed and easy to navigate. Users are able to create an unlimited number of vibration patterns using five exciting functionalities including: voice-to-vibration, touch control, tap and save, accelerometer, and preset patterns. As an added bonus, the iconic blue heart will blink and throb to the vibration patterns that your partner is enjoying.

BluMotion Event at Babeland NYC

Above: Suki with Babeland’s Claire Cavanah.

A few weeks ago, Suki and Brian were on hand to showcase and introduce blueMotion to fans at Babeland in New York City. It was a treat to see the device in person, feel how it works and, most importantly, gauge the reactions from customers. Everyone loved blueMotion and quite a few attendees walked away with their own thanks to giveaways during the event.

A good part of the event’s success stems from the wonderful team at Babeland and Suki and Brian’s infectious passion for the product and their brand. That evening, it was clear to see that they love what they do and genuinely want to share blueMotion to help connect and enhance intimacy around the world.

Since New York, OhMiBod has been traveling across the US at similar events (most recently at Good Vibrations) to showcase blueMotion. We’re looking forward to hearing more and how blueMotion does in the market.

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  1. Kat says:

    I love Bryan and Suki as well as their products. They are such great people!

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