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Passion Arrangements Spotlight

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“We’re Bringing Passion Back!”

Enthralled by its own passion to revive and enhance the old-fashioned romance in intimate relationships, lingerie delivery service Passion Arrangements thrives on bringing the most beautiful intimate apparel to the doorsteps of women, as a passionate personalized gift from that special someone in their life.

With designs to suit just about any occasion, choices include sensuous teddies, lush babydolls, sexy night dresses, beguiling bottoms and more provocative, erotic masterpieces in a variety of colours to tease the senses.

Passion Arrangements employs these enticing garments in a glorious attempt to set sexual and romantic sparks flying between couples who want to find a way to go beyond just mere words in expressing the deep seated love, appreciation or basal desire that they possess for each other.

The service is directed at allowing a hassle free shopping experience in which the giving partner can privately purchase exquisite lingerie brands in a few easy steps and have their selection delivered to their beloved discreetly but in luxurious encasing. Both partners will certainly gain mutual satisfaction from having such mesmerizing intimate pieces arrive in the comfort of their home.

So whether it’s to say “Happy Anniversary” or just to a reminder to say “I love you”, Passion Arrangements wants to help you deliver the gift of love to your sweetheart.

A look at Passion Arrangements

Passion Arrangements

Owner: Crystal Etienne

Store’s Philosophy / Mission

What has the world come to? Is this still a relevant question in society today? With so many options in social medias exploitation of relationships, sex, and love, there are very few that recognize the golden days of romance because it is all smothered daily in our face. Years ago I just could not stand the fact that it seemed Passion in a relationship was fading quickly. I love to see and hear long term married couples talk about “back in the day” car kissing, holding hands, and after a long day of work stories of pure passion. Passion Arrangements offers that subliminal soft kiss on the cheek and “can’t wait to get home to my partner” feeling. It’s a romantic surprise for both partners. She gets a romantic “just thinking of you” intimate gift delivered during the day, and he gets the best surprise gift of all when he gets home, because he chooses only the color and style of intimate apparel. Our company direction is to “bring passion back”

Passion Arrangements

The service allows the buying partner to only choose their passionate reason, favorite color, and surprise intimate style to have delivered to the receiving partner . They then can only get to imagine the final selection and their loved one in it later that night. The gift recipient gets randomly surprised with an intimate signature gift box and feels that passion and romance -that has been once been lost.

By request, we can send a Passion Arrangement Gift box for your review. We fully understand it is for your review only and do not guarantee any mention in your media. We also fully understand and agree that the gift box will not be returned.

Please provide the address, contact, and any information your company requires to send the products.

Store’s Customer Service Philosophy

Servicing relationships are our main business. We are catering to the giver and receiver so our quick delivery, packaging, and gift service must always be 100% on target.

Passion Arrangements

Store’s Social Media Approach

We just launched on instagram, facebook -which is doing exceptionally well, and twitter. We are hoping to gain more customers to our brand online.

List of Brands at your store

Leg avenue
Dear Lover
International Intimates

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