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Sex Toy Statistics for Australia

Australian Sex Toy Statistics 1

According to a survey by the Pleasure Den, sex toys among Australians are now more popular than ever with OVER 75% of those surveyed admitting to frequently enjoying the use of sex toys, lingerie and bondage toys.

For the majority it’s not just one toy either with 70% of men and women having more than 3 in their collection. Not only are sales on the rise but 28% of users are upgrading to a new toy every few months.

Statistics show that many Australian’s no longer regard sex toys as a taboo subject and that 25% of users have absolutely no shame in talking about it openly. The popular release of 50 Shades of Grey can be seen as a major contributing factor to this new social acceptance.

Australian Sex Toy Statistics 2

ALMOST 70% of users are now buying sex toys online and with Valentine’s Day around the corner we expect to see a higher than usual spike in sales as partners opt for naughty novelties over chocolates and roses.

“We also found that a massive 25% of toy owner’s use their toys several times per week and that Queensland beats every other state when it comes to sex toy usage and online browsing habits,” said the company.

Australian Sex Toy Statistics 3

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  1. Thanks for another insightful and interesting read. I’ll have to share this one with my girlfriends.

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