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The iGino one Launches

iGino One

Above: the new iGino One.

“Ideal to indulge in for solo or partner play, the iGino one is also an excellent addition to foreplay or lovemaking.”

The iGino one is a new, cute and compact personal massager that combines style with the brand’s very own unique technology called vibraMoove – a patented technology that mixes vibrations and movements together to create a powerful, intense and long lasting sensation.

Resembling the shape and width of an iPhone, the top of the iGino one flips off to reveal the device’s vibrating tip that can be used on its own or enhanced with the brand’s skinTouch head — a stimulating accessory made of EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate), a type of rubber safely used in various medical devices and children’s products

iGino-one Skin touch head

Above: the iGino one’s skinTouch head.

“With a single strong speed that can be manipulated to adjust the intensity levels resulting in a new pleasurable experience each time. With a simple switch on and off button, it is easy to use,” says the brand of iGino.

Created with the highest quality materials, the iGino one is splash proof and rechargeable through the built in USB port or with an included US and European charger kit.

iGino One with Packaging

“Lightweight and the slim, discreet design makes the iGino one the perfect travel accessory.”

Ideal to indulge in for solo or partner play, the iGino one is also an excellent addition to foreplay or lovemaking suggests the brand.

“With such a wide selection now available it can becoming confusing when choosing an adult toy right for you; this particular pleasure product is a brilliant back to basics personal massager that delivers results whilst not cutting corners back on quality, design and technology.”

iGino one USB charger

Above: the iGino one’s built-in USB charger.

The iGino one retails at $69 (exclusive of VAT and duty) and is the first and signature piece from the designer brand iGino.

Also new for 2014, the brand launched a revamped website which showcases the company, its product boasts a variety of features that allow users to connect and to find out more about the iGino one.

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